Ceetec P40

The Ceetec P40 machine is the smallest machine is the paint range and is especially suitable for small workman’s companies like painters, carpenters, joiners and timber yards. The machine’s simple design makes it easy to use. The machine is fitted on rubber wheels and can therefore be moved easily. It is well suited for workshops and construction sites. The wood item is fed into the machine upright with the help on a forward drive. The item is led past a set of jets that add an overdosage of wood preservative to the item. With this it is ensured that even wood items with imperfections and rough wood get a sufficient amount of wood preservative.

1500 metres per hour
Material dimensions
Max. HxW: 25×175 mm
or 40×100 mm.
Min. L: 800 mm.
Power connection
3 x 400 V + PE IP.
Class 65.
Wattage: 0,37 kW
Machine weight
Approx. 115kg

Advantages Ceetec P40

  • Small and handy painting machine
  • Especially suitable for outdoor boarding – also weatherboarding
  • Quick setting and colour change
  • Pay-back time of about 20,000 m painted wood equivalent to 20 hours’ production!
P40 brochure
Spare parts
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Owner of NK Skovservice
Ceetec provides machines that ensure perfect results, with minimal maintenance and easy mounting and cleaning.
Director of Moelven Langmoen, NO
Fully- automated painting proves a success recipe for MOELVEN
CEO, Homegoal ApS

At Homegoal, our production is highly dependent on Ceetec machinery and we always get competent advice or counseling when we ask.

Kresten Kristensen

Owner of NK Skovservice

”For more than 10 years, Ceetec has been my preferred supplier of finishing treatment machines for one simple reason. Ceetec provides machines that ensure perfect results, with minimal maintenance and easy mounting and cleaning. Whenever I use a Ceetec machine, it feels as if the manufacturer had me and my production in mind and was aware of the fact that we don’t always have time for advanced machinery that requires lengthy training.​

Every time I take out my Ceetec machines, they are ready for use. And once every blue moon when they break down, I don’t get annoyed as it is a unique opportunity for me to call Ceetec and have a nice chat about optimization, get good advice and the polite question, ‘Can we help you with anything else?’​

With Ceetec, I don’t feel that I am ‘just’ a customer. No, they make me feel that I am their most important customer.​

They know my machines, know that I am talking about and I have never contacted them in vain when we have accepted a finishing treatment task that requires a bit more than we bargained for…​

Why opt for a Ceetec machine? Try someone else’s and find out why!​

I give each and everybody from the Ceetec clan my warmest recommendations.”​

*NK Skovservice has a P40 Painting Machine, a A250 Painting Machine and an IS250 Sander

Steinar Lyseng

Owner Vyrk AS, Norway

The Norwegian company Vyrk has just had probably the most flexible and innovative spraying robot in the market installed in 2019​

The robot which has a spraying capacity of 200 metres/minute is equipped with a combined spraying and brushing technology and colours can be changed in just a few minutes.​

Read the article (in Norwegian) and learn more about what this machine has contributed to Norwegian Vyrk.