Drying systems

Tunnel ovn, Trocknungsanlagen, Tunnel oven,
Gemeinsame Eigenschaft der drei Trocknungsanlagen ist der optimierte Trocknungsprozess, der durch eine Kombination aus Infrarot- und Strahldüsentechnologie erfolgt.
Tværovn, Querofen, Cross oven

We are aiming high by developing three different types of oven. A tunnel oven, a transverse oven and a vertical oven. These three types of oven enables you to find a solution that suits any production requirement and production area available.

The most flexible and user-friendly solution in the market
Our Oven Concept is the most flexible and user-friendly solution in the market. The concept is based on ”plug and play” – just like you know it from our painting machines. The fundamental principle is that a Ceetec machine must be simple and easy to operate. Our software is intuitive and offers the option of saving settings and programs. Naturally, we supply completely line-integrated software, just like we can integrate other machines in the controls.

Tested and ready for production
The oven modules are assembled and tested at our factory in Denmark prior to dispatch. Naturally, the modules are supplied as assembled units. This means that the installation time required is short and eases the start-up of production.

Optimum curing process
Depending on your requirements, you can choose between a tunnel, a transverse and a vertical oven. If needed, the three types may be combined. The common feature of the three types of oven is the optimum curing process which is undertaken through a combination of IR and propelling nozzle technology.

Smart technology ensures a high level of uptime
The control system ensures access from outside using a VPN connection which means that service, extensions and software updates may be handled by Ceetec without disruption to your production. This smart technology ensures that your Ceetec machine always has a high level of uptime.

Did you know that …?
Ceetec has a test centre in a proper production environment where we can test your materials together with your supplier of varnishes? Our test centre ensures that, together, we identify the optimum solution for your specific production.

The advantages of Ceetec Oven systems

  • Plug and play-solution ensures user-friendliness
  • Uniform quality and efficient production
  • Assembled and tested in our factory prior to dispatch
  • Short installation time and optimum flexibility
  • Tunnel, transverse and vertical ovens meet all production requirements
  • Each zone has its own temperature and moisture control
  • Optimised curing process through a combination of IR and propelling nozzle technology
  • Optimised energy consumption and environmentally friendly recirculation of heated air
  • Optimised air-cooling zone with the option of adding a water-cooling module
  • Inspection windows providing full overview of materials in the oven
  • Complete Turn-key solution with painting machines, oven systems and conveyors
  • May be supplied as combination oven where various modules are combined
  • Complete line-integrated software with the option of saving settings and programs

Heat sources

  • Natural gas
  • Steam
  • Electricity
  • Water