Special painting machines

We are more than happy to customer adapt our painting machines so that special needs for painting, oiling or staining can be met.

We have chosen to mass-produce a few of the special machines that we have manufactured through the years. Therefore the machines for painting shingles and "wilderness" panels can be purchased as standard machines today..

Please feel free to contact us so we can find the optimum solution for your items together.

Ceetec IP1100 for Oiling of Tabletops

Ceetec Industrimodel IP1100 for oiling of tabletops.

The Ceetec industrial-grade machine is the big brother

of the series and is designed to run every day all

year round.

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Advantages Ceetec

Special painting machines

  • Ceetec special machines are built especially for the painting task

  • Efficient production

  • Easy to clean

  • Small investment with fast pay-back time

Ceetec Painting Machine for Shingles

Ceetec SP250 is specially designed for painting shingles.

The automatic feeding system which has a capacity of

up to 2500 m/h carries the shingles all the way

through the machine.

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Ceetec Painting Machine for Wilderness Panels

The wilderness machine is designed to process panels with the bark still attached. The characteristic of

wilderness panels is the varying panel widths which calls for a very special machine design.

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