Ceetec  IS250 Sanding machine


Up to 2.000 m/h

Item dimensions 

Max. H: 100 mm x
W: 250 mm.
L: Min. 800 mm.

Electrical supply 

3 x 400 V + PE IP. Klass 54
Effekt: 0,75 kW


Approx. 250 kg

The Ceetec IS250 sanding machine is developed after the same concept as our painting machine range where the key words are flexibility, efficiency and simplicity.

The machine is, with a quick and efficient setting, very suitable for sanding sections, moulding, popular moulding, architraves, etc.

The planks are taken through the machine with the automatic forward drive and the speed is regulated steplessly with a frequency converter. Furthermore it is possible to have individual adjustment of the speed of the sanding head which gives a perfect result.

E.g. the machine can be equipped with module-built smoothing heads that can be combined in a number of ways. Furthermore changing the segments can be done without dismantling the axle and head. The forward drive speed is between 300 and 2,000 m/h and the machine can be set to sand all 4 sides at once.

If you want to both sand and paint there are advantages to fitting the sanding machine in front of the Ceetec A-250 painting machine and thus performing both tasks in one operation.


Ceetec IS250 Sanding machine

  • Automation of hand sanding

  • Effective sanding with up to 2,000 m/h

  • Possibility of sanding on 4 sides

  • Can be combined with the Ceetec painting machines


  • Small investment and fast pay-back time

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