Ceetec  IP250

Up to 9000 metres per hour

Material dimensions

Varies according to model

Power connection 

3 x 400 V + PE IP. Class 54
Wattage: 2,0 kW

Machine weight

Approx. 600 kg.

Advantages Ceetec IP250

  • Robust model constructed to be in production 365 days a year

  • Built in a large range of dimensions with various heights and widths

  • Ideal for adding to product lines with, for example, automatic feed, sanding, drying and varnishing

  • Developed to paint 150 metres per minute

  • Small investment with high output

The Ceetec Industry machine is the big brother of the series and is a model constructed to be in production 365 days a year. The Industry machine is especially suitable for saw mills, prefabricated house manufacturers, industrial varnishers and handcraft companies or factories with large production. 

The IP-model incorporates the option of direction control as well as separate frequency regulated brushes and feeder speeds.

The wooden item is fed horizontally through the machine with the help of the automatic feed. The Ceetec Industry model gives a high finish thanks to the 12 individually adjustable rotating brushes. 

The principal behind this model is the same as for the other models, where focus is on simplicity and quality. This machine is built to be even more robust and requires minimal maintenance and service.

The IP-model is available in a wide range of dimensions please see the table, and can also be built according to specific customer requirements.

IP 250 brochure

Spare parts

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Owner of NK Skovservice

Ceetec provides machines that ensure

perfect results, with minimal

maintenance and easy mounting and cleaning.

Director of Moelven Langmoen, NO

Fully- automated painting proves a success recipe for MOELVEN

CEO, Homegoal ApS

At Homegoal, our production is highly dependent on Ceetec machinery and we always get competent advice or counseling when we ask.

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