Ceetec  IP Combi  

The Ceetec IPC250 machine combines technology from several machines in one machine. The machine combines the flow coat and brushing with airless or air mix spraying

The Combi machine makes it possible to apply primer and topcoat to e.g. interior cladding, in one machine. Application by brush offers some advantages that cannot be achieved by spraying. By brushing the paint is ”massaged” into the wood, whereas spraying in turn provides a perfect finish.


From 20 meter/m to 180 meter/m
Material dimensions 

10x10 mm to 250x250mm

Power connection 

3x380V + PE + 0,32A

Machine weight

825 kg

Advantages Ceetec IPC250

  • Brushes and guns in the same machine

  • Rapid changeover from brushes to guns

  • Can advantageously be added in a production line, for example automatic feeding, grinding and drying

  • Sturdy model constructed to produce every day of the year


  • Designed to paint 150 meters per minute

  • Low investment with a high flexible output

IP 250 Combi 


Spare parts

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Owner of NK Skovservice

Ceetec provides machines that ensure

perfect results, with minimal

maintenance and easy mounting and cleaning.

Director of Moelven Langmoen, NO

Fully- automated painting proves a success recipe for MOELVEN

CEO, Homegoal ApS

At Homegoal, our production is highly dependent on Ceetec machinery and we always get competent advice or counseling when we ask.

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