Spuiterij Nunspeet in den Niederlanden

It is a pleasure doing business with Ceetec. As a customer we feel welcome, and we are now a part of the Ceetec family.

The DuoFlex spraying machine from Ceetec turned our company into a good looking and professional business

Martin and Gerhard Mulderij – Owners of the company Sputerij Nunspeet – Netherlands

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Setra Skutskär – Installation of another Ceetec IPS400 TopFlow in Sweden.

Setra Skutskär – Installation of another Ceetec IPS400 TopFlow in Sweden. This time at the great company Setra and their factory in Skutskär.

About Setra:
Setra is one of Sweden’s largest wood products company with about 800 employees. We process raw materials from responsibly managed forests and offer environmentally friendly products and solutions for building and living in a global market. Setra Group includes eight sawmills and three processing units.

Rights to the Robopaint Spraying Robot is transferred to Ceetec.

Sales and production rights to the Robopaint Spraying Robot are transferred from Strøh A/S to Ceetec. This means that Ceetec will now be able to service customers owning a Robopaint machine.

Previously, the Robopaint machine was produced and sold by Strøh Automation which has now gone bankrupt.


IPS400 TopFlow with the brushing module located by the end of the machine.

Again, Ceetec will be at Ligna and we are looking forward to meeting new and existing customers. You will find us in hall 17, stand C89.

​Like previous years, we will be introducing something new. This time, we will be introducing a fully automated spraying robot capable of spraying 200 meters per minute. The machine is an enhancement of the Ceetec IPS400 model which is now fully automatic. For example, this means that the operator will be able to modify gun settings during use via a touch panel and thereby optimizing overspray to a minimum. Furthermore, the machine features an enhanced color change system, allowing for color changes in as little as 3 minutes.

​Due to these fast color changes, the machine is highly suitable for firms with many production changes or small series. As the capacity of the machine is still up to 200 m/min. and now includes an optional brushing module, it combines the best from the brushing and spraying technologies in one and the same machine.

Hobro-based company DS Stålprofil choose Ceetec when they went shopping for a new and more efficient roll forming line.

Roll Forming Line Requirements:

The primary concern for this line was automatic profile width and height adjustment and that our system could be integrated into the existing equipment. The line runs 300-600mm coil widths and 1.5mm – 2.0mm goods thicknesses. Everything is easily input via a touch panel.

“It is now easier for the operator to change sizes during manufacturing of various purlins. Previously, this was a time-consuming manual task but today the operator simply presses a button and then the machine automatically sets the correct distances. This has also contributed to making our production more efficient, and we have less stops,” says Michael Loft, head of production and quality.”

About the Profiles:

DS Sigma steel purlins are mounted between the rafters in halls and other constructions. DS Sigma steel purlins are designed to add much strength and may be used for constructions with a long distance between the rafters.

Need a Roll Forming Line?

Do you also need a roll forming line? – Ceetec has been constructing and building roll forming lines for more than 20 years. We have made more than 100 lines in Denmark and abroad.