Vores mest populære malemaskine – Ceeec A250 – i ny og forbedret version

After more than 40 years on the market, we have decided to retire our old A250 painting machine. Therefore, please welcome our new and improved A250 model.
– Available with 4, 6 or 8 brushes
– For 250 or 380 mm wood pieces, as standard
– Speed up to 2.500 m/hours
– Many parts made of plast for easy cleaning
Please watch our 2 minutes introduction video.


Sydlack, Malmö Sweden – installation of complete painting line

Please welcome the great company Sydlack, from Malmö Sweden to the Ceetec family…
About Sydlack and the big investment – by owners Mikael and Jussi:
In order to be first movers and continue to scale our business we have invested in a complete painting line from Ceetec.
Our business area includes painting of metal, plastic, wood and glass and we deliver to both companies and private persons.
With the turnkey-solution from Ceetec we have maximum flexibility with 45m of drying and an oven temperature of up to 80 degrees.
The Ceetec DuoFlex spraying automat is very easy to operate and allows us to paint big scale for the entire industry.
For further info on how to help with your paint job, please contact Sydlack at +46 40 21 03 25
Best regards
Mikael Lundberg and Jussi Saarinen

Ceetec TopFlow – the best high speed spraying machine on the market

With the risk of getting in major problems with the “law of Jante” we share this post…

We truly believe that we have developed the best high speed spraying machine on the market. Therefore, we are also super excited and proud that the largest private forest owner in Europe – ”SCA” selected us as their wood-surface-treatment partner.

SCA was founded in 1929 as a forest and forest products business, and their business model is to sustainably create the most possible value from and around this unique resource.

SCA owns 2.6 million hectares of forest land in northern Sweden, of which 2.0 million hectares is productive forest land. Around this resource, SCA has built an integrated and well-invested industry, where the entire tree is utilized. Using raw materials from the forest, SCA develops products for customers all over the world with high demands on quality, delivery reliability, service and sustainability.

Great welcome SCA, to the Ceetec family”

For more info in German please follow this link:
Ceetec TopFlow automatic

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Ceetec automated conveyers – enables just one person to operate a line

Ceetec conveyers, enables just one person to control and operate a painting line.

Optimal for customers with a stand-alone painting machine who wants to upgrade to a semi-automated line.

See this short video for an insight:


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