Sydlack, Malmö Sweden – installation of complete painting line

Please welcome the great company Sydlack, from Malmö Sweden to the Ceetec family…
About Sydlack and the big investment – by owners Mikael and Jussi:
In order to be first movers and continue to scale our business we have invested in a complete painting line from Ceetec.
Our business area includes painting of metal, plastic, wood and glass and we deliver to both companies and private persons.
With the turnkey-solution from Ceetec we have maximum flexibility with 45m of drying and an oven temperature of up to 80 degrees.
The Ceetec DuoFlex spraying automat is very easy to operate and allows us to paint big scale for the entire industry.
For further info on how to help with your paint job, please contact Sydlack at +46 40 21 03 25
Best regards
Mikael Lundberg and Jussi Saarinen